The Key to Happiness?  Body Awareness, Energy and Spirit

Although there are different ways to make a happy life, I believe that one of the keys is to become aware of the energy, spirit and consciousness in your body. When I started my quest 20 years ago, I didn’t really understand this.  I half-heartedly tried to meditate and got mixed results. 

Okay, to be honest, I couldn’t really sit still.  Some people seem to do it easily and I just wasn’t one of those people. With practice, my mind did calm and I was able to discern different areas of consciousness, do some maneuvering and steady myself.

Over the years, I first learned to be conscious of my heart with some ease.  Then, I worked at being present in my pelvis.  Every time I became aware of a new place in my body, I also learned there was a natural order to things.

Your heart is for connection and a sense of self, your head for intricate thought and spiritual patterns, and your pelvis for creation and power.”

There is real value to becoming aware of and connecting to different parts of your body. Different parts of your body hold different types of information. It can really be something to see and feel it firsthand.

Your body holds secrets. I was such a skeptic I would never have believed it, but as time went on, I experienced a connection to God, the planet, other people, my ancestors, some things I understood and others I didn’t.  I could sense and feel we are in a wonderful, delicate web that holds and sustains us.  I gradually found my place in all that information.

“Living only in your head is a trap you probably don’t know you are in.”

The more I became aware, the more life made sense. Things that bothered me stopped bothering me.  I could gracefully accept more responsibility and power as my energetic body healed.  I began to feel peace.  I felt at home in my own skin for the first time.

Sounds good, right?  Well, it wasn’t all easy.  Sometimes I was aware of not so good things that other people and groups of people were creating. Their vibes could be harsh and the information I was picking up on under the surface didn’t feel good.  I could see that talking bad about people, power plays, bullying, and harmful intentions and energy were also part of the fabric of consciousness here.  As I became aware of myself, I understood that these forces and information were interacting with my body and stressing me out even though I wasn’t conscious of them before.  I quickly realized that the more conscious I became, the more important it was for me to defend myself.

I started to see that I was broken in some areas and I learned how to assist my body in healing itself.  It wasn’t always comfortable to feel places in myself which were dysfunctional.  I had to invent tools and a language to describe these places and what to do with them.  There is a vulnerability to being conscious that I didn’t have to deal with when I was unaware.  The information was always there, but becoming aware of it was intense.  I was taking the load my body was under and learning how to manage it for myself.

It is possible to learn how to ‘read’ flows of energy that carry both good and bad things. The skills aren’t particularly difficult, but everyone can certainly  benefit from a guide.  A guide would potentially have saved me a lot of time in orienting and learning how to protect myself from things other people weren’t aware of.  I was finally able to get my footing and I could stay present for longer periods of time.  I noticed health benefits and other changes in me were only possible when I was aware or present for long periods of time.  Short bursts aren’t enough.  Being present for a class or a seminar for a few days isn’t enough to create long term changes.  Your body needs consistent awareness to maintain and repair itself.  Your energy and spirit need to be present for longer periods of time for magic to happen and you need a skillset to do that.

Over time, this process changed my life.  It was astoundingly beautiful, but there were skillsets that needed to happen to manage myself as present and vulnerable.  I was sculpted by the forces I met and continue to meet.  Being conscious isn’t always as easy as it may seem.  It can be a struggle, confusing and painful to become aware of what is in you and around you.  I am here to say it is worth it.  I am so glad I hung in there.

When I see people walking out of their yoga class and rising to meet the challenges of the day, I believe they should have the tools to keep the power, awareness, calmness and connection they achieved in that setting to last throughout the whole day.  It is possible.  Keeping composure, remaining calm and present is the key, but so is defending the state you achieved, repairing energy leaks and creating healthy relationships.

Energetic street smarts are necessary to defend your work and your hard-earned connections.

It is possible to cut way down on the time you spend learning on your energetic and spiritual endeavors by understanding the difference between the energetic and spiritual worlds and how to navigate them.  Creating and managing awareness are the basic skills that are necessary to open us up to all that we are.

Conscious Systems: A New Approach to Energy and Spirit in a Changing World

Conscious Systems was born out of a need. After working as a doctor for a few years, I realized like so many doctors before me that wellness often had to happen at non-physical levels in addition to the physical.  Chronic disease and strange cases became most of my practice.  To mend, people need to have vitality and a deep sense of self to fight their conditions.  I had to go to the worlds of energy and spirit to understand a larger picture of well-being, wellness,  happiness, purpose, stability and vitality.

Over time I found that we needed a new language to describe these unseen realms.

This language had to describe and map out the world of spirit and energy in a way that empowered us individually and linked us to each other and the environments we live in.  People have many different needs.  Sometimes we just want some help untangling something in our energy or spirit.  Often their challenges were part of their spiritual path or life meaning. Sometimes we need to correct things ourselves.  Creating a language like CS empowers you by giving you access to your own energetic and spiritual bodies so that you can participate in the non-physical part of your wellbeing.

CS empowers you by giving you access to your own
energetic and spiritual bodies.

Over time, I found this language had more applications than wellness.  We need non-religious systems that help us interact with the one spiritual and energetic constant we all share; our human body.  The complex mix of physical, energetic and spiritual was achieved over billions of years.  As life evolved, it evolved in a balance with all the forces which make it up.  Even the energetic and spiritual forces that allowed us to be human had to develop over time.

CS is a language which describes and supportively interacts with our body’s own systems.  When designing it, I tried not to interject any of my own belief systems into it.  Rather, I was trying to describe what bodies naturally do and assist them with that.  This leads to wellbeing, healthy communication and the opportunity to know yourself deeply. It allows you to reconnect what is broken and go deeper into life.

CS gives you a view into your body’s energetic and spiritual structures, how they act when healthy and a way to troubleshoot when they need help. We can describe healthy communication and balance by examining the energetic and spiritual worlds and assist them when necessary.   CS is a language and technique which allows you to troubleshoot, tune, fix and balance the vast parts of you that aren’t physical.

Most of the time your spirit and energetic parts are directing you into healthy states.  However, these systems can be wounded.  Sometimes your energetic or spiritual body isn’t intact enough to heal itself. What you inherit from your family line, interactions with other people now and in the past, and society can all stop you from being vital.  The goal is to be the most intact version of yourself that you can be.

“CS is a language and technique which allows you to troubleshoot, tune, fix and balance the vast parts of you that aren’t physical.”

I have lived and breathed this world for long enough to understand the hope this approach can offer.   I have witnessed the body’s intelligence, the sources of interconnection, and how strong and delicate it all is. What can be greater than learning to help your body bring out its best version of you.  Energy, spirit and consciousness are the keys to happiness, well-being and even survival. This approach explains why your body sometimes isn’t able to mend itself and how you can assist. This prepares you for all the different parts of life: career, family, social life and even a spiritual path.  It is accessible to everyone regardless of spiritual affiliation, religion or belief system. The things I learned while developing and interacting with the intelligence of my body changed my life.  I hope it does the same for you.