Spiritual Awakening Series


Spiritual Awakening Series

The realms of energy and spirit come together in complicated ways in our bodies.  Understanding how the different realms work together gives us a plan, a language to share with others and a way to troubleshoot the non-physical realms. Spiritual awakening is a serious business and these are serious tools…..

The spiritual series is a natural extension of the energetic topics we cover.  The energetic series includes topics like fixing energy leaks, managing energy, relationships and defense which all get you more energy.  When energy pours into your systems, it opens the inner sight, intuition, clairvoyance and connection to spiritual realms.

CS is not a spiritual path but it is designed to help you have the energy and structure to achieve yours.  We simply go through the processes which naturally occur when the body is able to add more energy to itself in an organized manner.  In this series, we talk about what happens when you have more energy, what to expect and how to manage it!  The topics covered will help you regardless of your faith or background.  

How to Achieve Your Spiritual Path in 2018
  Live Workshop in Bend, Oregon: Sept. 14, 15 & 16, 2018 (Fri.-Sun.)
  A full recording is available only to students who attended this workshop
  • How the energetic and spiritual world relate together and how this is important to your spiritual connection
  • Where to get the energy you need to connect to spirit
  • Strategies and tools to identify what your energetic body needs to connect with your spirit
  • Creating a plan for your success that minimizes the chaotic energy coming from the world around you
  • Practical energetic and spiritual exercises designed to safely bring in the energy your spirit needs to open your higher senses and functions
  • Defending against energetic and spiritual problems
  Nov. 11, 2018 (Sun.), 9 AM – 12:30 PM (Pacific)
  • A description of the energetic and spiritual changes that people are going through
  • We will predict what is likely to happen based on the trends and what this means to your spiritual path
  • How to manage world events in your awareness to your advantage
  • Creating a personal plan for yourself, your family and community as we move into the future


If you have any questions regarding the class series, feel free to contact us at Team AT ConsciousSystems DOT com.