Spiritual and Energetic Defense


This class will address defense against the creepy parts of people, bad vibes, dark re-ocurring patterns and things that go bump in the night.



Audio Recording
Aug. 2017, 2.5 hours

When people think of defense, their first thoughts are often of being under attack, situations causing them to feel unsafe or something dark in the night. Although defense is a skill employed in conflict, it is also an important part of moving through the world in a stable and sustainable manner.  It allows you to differentiate yourself from other people’s thoughts, emotions and fields so you can move to higher ways of thinking and connecting on your spiritual path.

The class will review the skills needed to build a defense against all sorts of energetic and spiritual problems. A healthy boundary between you and your environment is important if you want to be different than the person you were or the people around you. This boundary also provides a space for you to respond to people and situations instead of immediately reacting. Sustainable defense is a fundamental cornerstone to living an enjoyable life and navigating a complex world. 

We will cover:

  • Defending and protecting yourself and others from energetic and spiritual attack
  • Determining if a problem is emotional, energetic or spiritual and when and how to act
  • Setting safe space
  • Protecting your conscious work
  • Connecting to your higher self 
  • Challenges specific to our times

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