Relationship Series


How can energetic tools help you create and maintain great relationships?  Learn to use energy to create the foundations for good relationships, troubleshoot difficult ones and build on the ones you value… 


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This series is about understanding and creating healthy power dynamics in relationships. We are focusing on “power” as it is the most foundational part of your relationships. Power dynamics create the foundation for relationships.  If it is done well, everything else built on them will be solid!

You can learn how to see and feel what the people around you are doing with their power. If you are creating new relationships, you can learn how to build a power base correctly the first time. You can also learn to change the power dynamics in current relationships!  

Energy and power are a huge part of relationships. The series describes how energy fits into the way relationships work. Understanding the flow of energy will help you co-create, balance and maintain the foundations of your relationships. With a few tools and some troubleshooting, you will be able to achieve that balance of support, powerful utility, intimacy and fun as well as provide hope in a complex and interesting world of connection, consciousness and energy. The skills taught in the series can apply to personal or professional relationships.    

  • Discuss what energetic power is in the context of relationship and why it is the key to creating strong relationships
  • Review skills which will allow you to identify where the energetic power is and what it is likely to do
  • How to predict what is likely to happen in any relationship
  • Evaluate the power dynamics of  your relationship as we look for what is possible and where to focus your time and effort
  • Strategies to set power dynamics in new partnerships
  • Review the abuses of power and strategies to correct imbalances like stonewalling, passive-aggressive behavior and power plays
  • Review practical strategies that can be used with all types of relationships and powerful environments
  • Changing the power dynamics of existing relationships
  • How you can get stuck in past relationships and what that means
  • Getting yourself out of the mixed up pieces of energy and damage which are shared by the people involved
  • Practical tools for mending a broken heart and moving on!


If you have any questions regarding the class series, feel free to contact Stacie AT ConsciousSystems DOT com.

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If you have any questions about the series, please contact Stacie AT ConsciousSystems DOT com