Power: Improving and Managing Your Energy Supply


Energy is power and it is a precious commodity. Learn strategies to accomplish your energetic and spiritual objectives…

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Even though there is an enormous amount of energy present around you, there is only so much energy your body can access and process on a given day. This class is designed to help you understand where you are getting and spending the energy that powers your life.  At the end of it, you will have all the elements necessary to create your own personal energy management plan. 

In this class, we will cover:

  • Use the Energy and Power Tool to determine where you are getting energy, where you spend it, and where it is taken from you
  • Strategies for accomplishing your energetic and spiritual objectives based on your results
  • Practice using your intent and intuition to redistribute energy allowing you to create new habits and energy flow
  • Creating a personal plan of action with achievable goals and a new focus that provides you vitality and a deeper experience in your life


This class originally broadcast as a 3-hour webinar.

Join us for live examples and to get your questions answered during the supplemental practice session:

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