Power Series


When you want to power up your life, you are going to need energy to make it happen.  But, where do you get it from and how do you get enough?



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Power is the gas in your tank. It gives you the power to drive through your day. With it, you can create the life you want and protect it.  It creates a tie to the spiritual world and provides wellbeing, purpose and fulfillment. You only have so much power available so it is important to manage and protect it.  This web-based series will cover how you access and collect powerful energy,  how you repair broken and leaky energetic structures and how you direct it to build the life you want.   

Included in the series:

  March 2018, Audio recording and workbook
  • Use the Energy and Power Tool to determine where you are getting energy, where you spend it, and where it is taken from you
  • Strategies for accomplishing your energetic and spiritual objectives 
  • Practice using your intention and intuition to redistribute energy and change old habits
  July 2018, Audio recording
  • A review of inherited, institutional wounds, childhood and personal wounds that may be affecting you or the people around you
  • Learn solutions for common energetic problems
  • Discover how to use your intention and focus to interact with energetic wounds and repair them
   October 2018, Audio recording
  • How to use your intention, imagination and focused energy to create the foundation for physical goals 
  • Discover what type of energy to use to create
  • Learn where you should create and where not to for best results
  • How energy and intention interact with the physical world
  • How to move from creations from possibility states to probability states 


If you have any questions regarding the class series, feel free to contact us at Team AT ConsciousSystems DOT com.

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Audio Recording Info

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