Power Plays and Games at Work: Defending Your Energy and Spirit


Do you feel like you are spending more energy than your paycheck gives you?  Are you stressed out at work because of interoffice politics? Learn how to protect and defend yourself from dumpers, backstabbers and energy suckers.

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Your workplace and your co-workers can make your life great, or it can suck your energy and vitality out of you.  Learn how to manage a toxic work environment or toxic people while earning a living.  The tools taught in this class will help create stability at work giving you more energy and time for what matters most to you. 
In this class, we will go over strategies for navigating a complex workplace including:
  • Identifying who and what can take your energy 
  • Energetic strategies for handling bad co-workers, clients, and bosses as well as the work environment
  • Strategies for dumpers, backstabbers, energy suckers and more
  • Energetic tips for creating a sustainable business environment
  • Creating a stable calm bubble at work


This class originally broadcast as a 4 hour webinar.

This class includes a workbook to help you apply the tools learned to your personal process. 

Audio recording available

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