Fundamentals of Spiritual and Energetic Power


Your energetic and spiritual power systems provide the basis for money, health, good relationships, magical moments and a spiritual path…



  October 11-13, 2019
  9:30 AM – 5 PM each day
  Bend, Oregon, USA
  Cost: $525

Having and controlling power is essential to a good life. When your personal power system is functioning correctly, your body has what it needs to maintain a powerful body, defend itself and give you the fuel for a powerful life. These energy circuits provide the basis for money, health, good relationships and a spiritual path. You must have power in order to defend yourself and your creations, create structure and stability for your home and work life, maintain your spiritual presence and create magical moments. Power is a necessary ingredient to open higher functions such as clairvoyance, to connect to your higher power and to create in your life. This class is focused on getting you that power.

So many people suffer from tiredness, lethargy, overwhelm and an absence of connection to the deeper parts of life which make it worth living. Many times this is due to a lack of energy, force and power. Raw power comes from our planet. Your body needs to harvest this energy, organize and distribute it in channels. It does this by fusing the physical, energetic and spiritual realms together with a complex circuitry. Your body digests incoming energy and turns it into something that supports your physical body through precise control and flow. When this system is working well, it creates the strength, vitality and force to get the things done you need and want to do.  When this system isn’t working, you can experience feelings of weakness, power dropouts in certain situations, helplessness, blandness, overwhelm, problems with money, stability and fatigue.  

In this class, we are going to talk about these structures, how to maintain them and how to fix them if they are broken. We will learn to troubleshoot and fix problems from things that happened to you and what you inherited. Understanding how your body takes energy in, digests and directs it creates the model for identifying problems and troubleshooting your energetic power system. Wounds which prevent power from getting into your body or inherited problems which stop your body from organizing are common. Troubleshooting your energetic power system is imperative to your foundation. 

Once we know that the body is getting power and generating force, we will discuss how to set the foundation for your personal power and present practices to help strengthen you. We will then talk about how to maintain and repair these structures and how to direct and use them so they don’t have further problems. We will go through exercises and resources which will help you direct and control the power you do have.   

During class, Dr. Dunn will show you common problems and solutions to personal power.  He will work with members from the audience and teach through examples. At the end of the class, you will have the information you need to organize the energetic and spiritual base of your body.  More power, more force and more vitality is good for everyone!

We will cover in class:

  • The energetic and spiritual anatomy of the human power system and how it supports your physical body
  • How to identify where your personal power may not be functioning and what to do about it
  • How to energetically repair your power system
  • How to choose proper power sources
  • How power is linked to clairvoyance and intuition on a spiritual path
  • How to create and use force
  • Force vs. power and when to apply them
  • Organizing your spiritual power foundation so that it runs in the background
  • Dr. Dunn will select members from the audience to work through live energetic and spiritual power healing scenarios


Power and force are things that should be operating with you all the time. You should feel planted, at home and powerful in most every situation.  Learn to take care of your vitality, energy and power so that you can live your best life!

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Workshop Venue

Seventh Mountain Resort
    18575 SW Century Drive
    Bend, OR 97702

Meeting Room: Broken Top

Class Times:
  9:30 AM to 5 PM each day
  Check-in on Friday begins at 9:00 AM

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If you have questions about this class, please contact Stacie AT ConsciousSystems DOT com