Fixing Common Energetic Wounds That Prevent You From Being Powerful


Do you have enough energetic power?  Do you suspect you might be losing energy to a wound that happened earlier in life?  We will review common wounds, how to fix them and stop leaking energy.    



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Three hour webinar, broadcast July 2018


Human energetic power is not a given. Your body has to take in energy from the environment, process it and distribute it throughout the entire body. You need this power for creating a stable, powerful life. This energy can affect your creativity, security and ability to push through life. In other classes, we address how people and situations can suck your energy and power, but these wounds are deeper, more permanent and require repair.   

These wounds will stop your body from being able to get its own power and could include institutions, family line wounds and abusive relationships. If your energetic body is damaged, it won’t be able to get you the power that should be coming in every day. This can leave you feeling powerless, weak, tired and hopeless. We review common wounds which affect your system and how to troubleshoot and repair them.  

In this class, we will cover:

  • A review of inherited, institutional wounds, childhood and personal wounds that may be affecting you or the people around you
  • Learn energetic solutions to fix these common problems
  • Discover how to use your intention and focus to interact with energetic wounding

We offer a class on sensing energy (shown below) for anyone having trouble feeling or conceiving energy. Please contact Stacie with questions at Stacie AT ConsciousSystems DOT com.

How to Sense the Flow of Energy Between You & Others

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