How To Effectively Deal With The Energy Coming From Other People And The World


Do you wonder how other people, local and world events impact your energy and spiritual path? 

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 The unseen realms of energy and spirit are impacting your world in both positive and negative ways.  There is a lot of energy and intention created by the growing number of people around you.  Say yes to the good stuff and learn how to protect yourself from the things that make it difficult to connect to your source.

We, westerners, are in a unique time and place to practice spirituality.  The world has changed enough that maintaining a constant connection to your source requires a new approach.  Whether you are tuned in or checked out, the energetic and spiritual consequences of humanity will affect your energy, spirit and the deeper parts of you.  This class will provide you strategies for managing your awareness to your advantage as well as hope and structure in a changing world.  With this information, we can do more than just shake our heads, we can do something about it in our own awareness. 
In this class, we will cover:
  • A description of the energetic and spiritual changes that people are going through
  • We will predict what is likely to happen based on the trends and what this means to your spiritual path
  • How to manage world events in your awareness to your advantage
  • Creating a personal plan for yourself, your family and community as we go into the future


This class originally broadcast as a 3.5 hour webinar.

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