Defense Series


We take on the topics that help you to stay calm, centered and vital even when the vibes around you are difficult or aggressive.  If staying positive is just not cutting it, join us for the strategies which will allow you to take control of your space at work, home or in out in the world.


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Bullies and energy suckers beware!  People need energy and power to thrive.  If they are injured, trapped or use all of their energy up, they may be willing to take your energy or hurt you to get more.   Understanding and eliminating power and energy struggles will allow you to keep the energy you work for.

When staying positive doesn’t cut it, we provide the tools that take on the difficult topics.   This allows you to stay calm, centered and vital even when the vibes around are difficult or aggressive. The web-based series is designed to help you safeguard your power and protect the life you are creating.

   April, 2018, Audio recording and workbook
  • Identifying who and what can take your energy 
  • Energetic strategies for handling bad co-workers, clients, and bosses as well as the work environment
  • Strategies for dumpers, backstabbers, energy suckers and more
  • Energetic tips for creating a sustainable business environment
  • Creating a stable calm bubble at work
   Dec. 2, 2018 (Sun.), 9 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Common stumbling blocks which can disturb or take your energy on a spiritual path
  • Common problems in a spiritual connection
  • Steps to create a clean and clear space that can withstand busy, tumultuous or aggressive conscious environments


If you have any questions regarding the class series, feel free to contact us at Team AT ConsciousSystems DOT com.

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