Defending Your Spiritual and Energetic Work


Have you ever achieved a deep connection or spiritual state only to have it disappear? Have you lost the clarity you attained during your last weekend retreat? Learn how to protect your spiritual and energetic investment…

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Dr. Mark Dunn

It doesn’t matter what your chosen path is, the amount of energy, time and work it takes to gain ground with your spiritual endeavors is a huge investment.   When you are around people who are not clear, it can be difficult to keep the insights and states you achieve.  The information in this class is designed to help you defend your spiritual states so that you can reach your highest potential and spiritual goals. 

In this class, we will cover:

  • Common stumbling blocks which can disturb or take your energy while on a spiritual path
  • Common problems in the spiritual connection
  • Steps to create a clean and clear space that can withstand busy, tumultuous or aggressive conscious environments


This class originally broadcast as a 3.5 hour webinar.

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