Accessing Powerful Energy for a Better Life

Out of all the topics in the energetic and spiritual realms, power is one of the most confusing! The conversation around dense, heavy, powerful energy can be difficult to figure out. Once you understand this powerful realm, you can start accessing and using your personal power for what is most important in your life.

Your body takes in energy from the planet, animals, plants and people you interact with every day and uses it to keep your energetic body healthy and defended.  It uses this calm, rich energy to connect you to your body and keep you safe and whole.  Your body needs some power just to take care of the basics.  

Powerful energy fuels creativity and opens the doorway to the physical world.

Energetic power is also used to bring your thoughts and ideas into the physical world through your intentions and focus. This could be something practical like money or something more altruistic like a higher spiritual truth. You could have a great idea which could help us all and make you a living, but without access to powerful energy, it won’t happen. Whereas, if you have the energetic power to back up your ideas and creations, it is likely to happen!  

Without energetic power, people can’t change things in their physical lives or in their communities. They are trapped with good ideas that have no outlet. This is where power games are played. Many intentions are not altruistic and are made to ensure that the people in power remain on top of the pile.  If people control the flow of energetic power,  they can prevent others from gaining access to it eliminating their competition in the physical world.  

In history, people would prevent others from getting power by stopping them from going down to these realms.  They taught that dense energy was evil, sex was inherently bad and that the power should be left to people who are smart and gifted.  On its own, energetic power is not good or evil.  It sits waiting to be stirred with instructions from intentions, belief and focus.

Beliefs hidden in culture and unseen power plays lock this energy into form and structures we pass on through generations.

The games people play as they vie for power can make going to powerful places unpleasant. The feelings can be agitating, intense, difficult and persistent. The confusion in this realms passes as you start to make sense of the textures, impressions and shapes that have been patterned here.  Most everyone has had a rough experience in the dense powerful realms because corruption, immorality and manipulation have left its scars there. 

You need power, but how do you obtain it without getting into trouble or, even worse, becoming part of the trouble!

With a better understanding, this area can be navigated making it more manageable and powerful to the life you are creating.  Many people choose to avoid dark dense energy altogether, which leaves them powerless and often victimized.  Usually, they’ve been taught to avoid the complexity, to see themselves as “good” people, and rise above it.  They are “nice,” but over time, they starve themselves out of what little power they have.   Sadly, avoiding the dense heavy realms can leave them unable to thrive or achieve their goals; even if these goals are altruistic.  

Conversely, others who do go down to the dark, heavy realms don’t understand what is there or how to navigate.  They end up plugging into what they feel and act out what is already there. This eventually takes its toll on them and the people around them. People get away with it because our society lacks a language or the tools to understand these “invisible” games.

We definitely need an understanding and a plan to navigate the power realms successfully!