Why Today’s World Requires a Modern Spiritual Path

I went on a spiritual journey with an open mind.  It turned out to be a lot different than what I thought it would be.  I stayed isolated from other people during the time I was questing. I probably should have had mentors, but by my reckoning, I needed a novel approach for a new world. I have differing opinions because of my experiences.

“We need a different approach for a new world.”

I think we live in dynamic and unfamiliar times. This time in the world’s history calls for a different approach. There are more people on this planet than ever before, we are in the midst of a huge extinction event, and we are interconnected together all over the world by phones, computers and the internet. These factors have changed us and our world in unprecedented ways. Your spiritual path is now woven into technology, social media and other people’s energy.

During the times that many of the world’s major religions and belief systems were being formulated, things were different.  There weren’t as many people. We weren’t interconnected.  Our ecosystems and their vitality were different. The earth’s energy has changed as people sculpt the world we live in.  The planet is compensating, but it is not the same as it was even in my short lifetime.  There are more of us competing for the planet’s physical and energetic resources, so we are having to relate to ourselves and others in new ways.

Another large change that needs a novel approach is that we are all emoting together. For example, before technology news would travel slowly and over time.  When the basics of psychology and social sciences were developing, there were only 1.5 billion people on the planet and they were geographically spread out.  When an event happened, news traveled on horseback or by boat, resulting in a delay to the energy created by emotion. Therefore, the slow dissemination of information which involved fewer people had a negligible effect.

Now, there are 7 billion people on the planet and news travels all over the world instantly. The energy created by that many people processing all at once is now important. It has a large effect. During our energetic and spiritual journeys, it is vital that we take this into account. It allows us to navigate what is yours versus other. This is a  critical step on any path to healing energetically or spiritually.  It is a new world in the physical and in the non-physical as well.

I had to get smart when doing a western version of a spiritual path.  I learned to take what I could from the old ways and invent new things when I had to. Energetic repair, collective conscious, a new way of looking at energy and relationships and the changing planet are all concepts which we need to move forward.  This is a time of great advancement on a path if you know how to move forward in our changing world.