Full spectrum wave  used in header – Copyright: Orkidia for 123RF
Lightning Bolt In Fist – Copyright: Nexusplexus for 123RF
Sunset – Copyright: Mycola for 123RF
Light Rays thru Clouds – Copyright: Photoroad for 123RF
Tree Roots Clasping Hands – Copyright: Lightwise for 123RF
Hand Stopping Fist – Copyright: Nexusplexus for 123RF
Tree Light Bulbs Grow US Currency – Copyright: Rolffimages for 123RF
Dog Tired – Copyright: Innocent for 123RF
Hand Money Symbol – Copyright: Redlinevector for 123RF
Lotus Position Icon – Copyright: Xtremelife for 123RF
Female Silhouette – Copyright: Ms10 for 123RF
Energy Between Fingers – Copyright: Quickshooting for 123RF
Little Girl Particles – Copyright: Kiankhoon for 123RF
Third Eye Concept – Copyright: Artqu for 123RF
Arms Hands Crossed – Copyright: Galdzer for 123RF
Boy Holding Wand – Copyright: Prometeus for 123RF
Holding Hands – Copyright: Brickrena for 123RF
Tree Reflection Water – Jager for 123RF 
Attributions for Video:
Vertical light spectrum  wave footage – Copyright: Kirik70 for 123RF
Forest with clouds – Copyright: Kwiktor for 123RF
Gold electricity wave footage – Copyright: Gonin for 123RF
Water ripple footage – Copyright: Soraphotography for 123RF
World map of people – Copyright: Alphaspirit for 123RF
Tool box – Copyright: Jpldesigns for 123RF
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Broken heart – Copyright: Fixzma for 123RF
Couple watching sunset – Copyright: Antonioguillem for 123RF
Umbrella over house – Copyright: Olegdudko for 123RF
Sun rays thru clouds – Copyright: Happystock for 123RF
Blurred trees background – Copyright: Goodween123 for 123RF