Dr. Mark Dunn founded Conscious Systems in 2006 to help clients support their wellness process. He tried many ways to achieve this goal, but found none were powerful, ethical and stable enough to support wellness. He wanted to provide people with a context and an explanation during difficult times that recognized their desire to participate in ending their suffering.

At Conscious Systems, we believe people are composed of more than just their physical bodies and needs. They are made of spirit, energy, consciousness, thoughts and emotions. We want to help them repair their spiritual and energetic wounds through education and support.

We believe well, vital, powerful individuals need an intact energetic body and consistent access to their spirit to feel optimal, create consistent happiness, maintain relationships, connect to their higher power, and align with purpose. Spiritually connected and vital individuals can reach their fullest potential.

We provide context and explain a person’s individual energetic and spiritual wounding and the social consequences it entails. We strive to inspire strong, independent and relationship-savvy individuals who can discern the truth, repair what is broken, and safeguard what is precious.

We believe we have the resources we need to move forward in the world together. Creating conscious communities are the key to our future and this requires well-balanced people who see how we are interconnected. We believe energetic and spiritual repair allows people to be conscious and being conscious is essential to making sure our society is in accord with our environment and each other.

Finally, we believe we must be conscious of ourselves if we want to improve ourselves. Choice is only possible with information, and not all of this information can be found in the physical world. Wellbeing is not just defined by what we can see; it is made by our hopes, dreams, and feelings. We must have this before we are able to evolve and choose our own path.

Leading people down this path is the root of all wellness and lies at the center of Dr. Dunn’s vision for Conscious Systems. We invite you to join us on this journey by attending one of our classes where you can explore it in more detail.

About Dr. Dunn

Dr. Mark Dunn has been deeply dedicated to his spiritual path for 25 years. He is a Naturopathic Physician and a talented clairvoyant whose primary passion and focus of study have been the energetic and spiritual realms that we are all a part of.  He has a private practice located in Bend, Oregon, USA.