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Part 2 – Questions


Conscious Systems classes can be purchased individually or by Series:

Spiritual Awakening

Conscious Systems helps you find who you truly are so you can experience the life you want.  It all starts with having enough energy.  

Our modern approach begins with understanding your energetic body and the energy that surrounds you. We address how your energetic system works, what to do if it isn’t working, and how to best spend and direct the energy you do have. We teach all things energetic! Our tools are designed to support you and the life you are creating regardless of your background or experience with energy.  

We specialize in repairing old energetic wounds which leak energy and sap vitality. Our systems teach you how to project your energy into relationships, business and family structures to create solid foundations. We talk about spiritual and energetic defense from the world around us.  

When your body has more energy, it naturally opens to higher functioning. Intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual connection allow for a purposeful, secure and rewarding life!  

You need lots of energy to be at your best, and we are here to give you the tools to do it!   Click here to see a complete list of our 2018 classes.