Protecting Your Spirit and Energy While Making a Living

Money is a massive and important topic.  Cash is wrapped up in self-worth, survival, protection and the ability to create the life you want in the physical world.  My focus today will be on protecting yourself energetically and spiritually while you make money.

“Money can get you the physical items you want, but how do you protect your vitality and energy while you make it? ”

The current monetary system allows us to consume products and goods from someone else’s labor.  The value of spirit and energy aren’t factored into this model so the company who spends less time making more goods usually wins. Time is money so why spend hours being conscious and doing self-work?   From a financial perspective, it makes no sense to connect with God and the earth, maintain your energetic body and tend to your spirit.

Ahhh, but how does happiness factor into this equation?  This is perhaps the biggest argument and really the only one that makes any sense as far as conscious work is concerned.  After all, why do something that would take time from business and leisure?

In my experience, conscious work pays off in terms of vitality and energy but not monetarily. However, meditation, energy work, contemplation and healing in all its different forms are key to a good life. At CS we believe in protecting your spirit and vitality is a key part of happiness. Making money is important too so learning the tools to stay energetically and spiritually intact are essential to navigating the world of business.

Things get interesting when you factor in how much energy it takes to do large amounts of business. To make a lot of money, you need to create a “buzz” around your product. This is true whether you are selling widgets or teaching children basic skills. You have to create and maintain interest which requires a large amount of energetic output. The key question is, “where is all this energy going to come from?”

Energy can come from the natural world. Healthy energy can be made by individuals through eating, breathing and their connection to the planet, God and others.  People can then export their excess energy to their work and money endeavors. This is the natural way of things. The problem is that there is a limit to how much energy people can create this way. If businesses need more energy than their employees and the earth can give, they can get more through unhealthy means. People being hurt while doing business is common as we stress the earth and ourselves to be more productive.

“The all too common way we make money is through hurting people by taking their energy or even taking their energetic structure.”

If people are getting their energy from other people, this can be healthy or unhealthy.  There is a reality to getting injured or hurt while trying to make money.  People joke about their company taking their soul and I have seen the results of years in corporate and the toll it can take.  Many people are grateful to have jobs but complain bitterly about the stress and the human cost to making money.  You can’t live without money, but you can make money and protect yourself from damaging work environments.  It is important to have both money and a means to make money without losing yourself to the game.

When business is abusive, it will suck up worker’s energy like a vacuum cleaner. Pointless meetings, over regulation, demeaning schedules and work drama are often the physical manifestations of energetic or spiritual manipulation. People start losing vitality, take on monetary obligations and become stressed out as they leverage their lives as early as the late 20’s. They are given more responsibility and the people above them need energy to keep the company going. They can spend long hours at their vocation, loose energy and start to fall apart.

I pick up the pieces in my office all the time. A bad work environment is the number one thing that hurts people outside of family. The work environment needs a lot of energy to grow, fight competitors and create infrastructure.  It must get this energy from somewhere. It even takes people’s energy after they are done at the job!

“No matter what your vocation or income level, it is important to protect yourself. “

The skill sets we need to have in order to stay energetically healthy while in the business world are to recognize the signs of energetic stress,  how to do repair and how to interact with large amounts of energy from others.

Here are some other things you can do:

  • Don’t let the business environment take the energy out of your personal conversations with co-workers, customers or your personal life. Learn to read the energetic flow and stop inappropriate energy leaks.
  • Create a solid boundary between the energetic work environment and other places in your life which are vulnerable to having the energy taken from them. This means work needs a strong boundary separating it from other projects, family and friends.
  • Make sure you get some energy back with your paycheck, not just the money. If this doesn’t happen, take steps to protect yourself.
  • The longer you work at a job, the deeper the association you have with the company even if your position or paycheck doesn’t change. This means that your position and energetic liability in the company changes as you deepen into your role.
  • Learn to repair the damage which has already occurred so it doesn’t get worse under stress.


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