Restructuring the Power Dynamics in Toxic Relationships


Have some of your relationships slipped into disarray? Are you being stonewalled or dealing with passive aggressive people? Or is it all just sitting underneath the surface taking up the space you need?… 



Date:   June 10, 2018 
Time:   9 – 11:30 AM (Pacific Time)
*Advanced Class

This class will go through examples of common problems in relationships and solutions based on evaluating and resetting power dynamics.  We will review how to examine power dynamics and what to do to rebalance the power.  This will put your relationships on firm footing again or give you structure to address other issues.  The tools in this class can be used with family, friends, at work or in any of your challenging relationships. 

In this class, we will cover:

  • Review the abuses of power and strategies to correct imbalances like stonewalling, passive-aggressive behavior and power plays
  • Review practical strategies that can be used with all types of relationships and powerful environments
  • Changing the power dynamics of existing relationships
*This is an adjunct to the previous class Building and Maintaining the Foundations for Powerful Relationships, but you can always take this and if needed, fill in the gaps with the audio recording.


Webinar Details

This class is a webinar hosted through WebEx.

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