Q&A with Mark Dunn-Power: How to Plug-In, What to Avoid and How to Direct It


Discover what type of energy powers your body, what can block your power and how it creates a deeper, more meaningful life experience…



Audio Recording
Cost:  $1 donation to charity*
1 hour Q&A with Mark Dunn, broadcast March 2018

Everybody intuitively knows you need power to push through your day, compete for an income and protect your loved ones… but what is power? Energy is what gives you power to gain a deeper life experience. It is a commodity. 

This class will discuss what power is in your body, what can block it and how it works.  We will talk about how your body collects energetic power and energy and how you can spend it efficiently for best results.  

Questions can be sent in advance to Team AT ConsciousSystems DOT com or submitted online during the program.  

*There is a $1 registration fee that will be donated to the local homeless shelter in Bend, OR.

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