Building and Maintaining the Foundations for Powerful Relationships


Creating rewarding long-term relationships, mutually beneficial business relationships or fun and secure community structures all require stable power dynamics…



Date:  May 20, 2018
Time:  9 AM – 12 PM (Pacific Time)

Our cultural norm is to begin a relationship light and fluffy and then sink into power dynamics, which can create challenges later. The best relationships are built from the ground up. Reading and understanding power dynamics are essential to creating healthy, long-term and happy relationships. 

The core of a strong relationship relies on a foundation upon which trust, good intentions, and love rest upon. If the power base is solid, you can grow your relationship over time with confidence. If the power base isn’t solid, the time and energy you place into your relationship is at risk.

Most relationship struggles are because of power problems. If you are getting enough access to power in your relationship then you can be in control, co-creative and safe. 

In this class, we will cover:

  • Discuss what energetic power is in the context of relationship and why it is the key to creating strong relationships
  • Review skills which will allow you to identify where the energetic power is and what it is likely to do
  • How to predict what is likely to happen in any relationship
  • Evaluate the power dynamics of  your relationship as we look for what is possible and where to focus your time and effort
  • Strategies to set power dynamics in new partnerships


*We are also offering an additional class titled Restructuring the Power Dynamics in Toxic Relationships. This class will focus on power imbalances and abuses of power including passive aggressive behavior and stonewalling.

Restructuring the Power Dynamics in Toxic Relationships

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