List of Classes

2018 Class Schedule:
Power Defense Relationship Spiritual Awakening
Q&A with Mark Dunn-Power: How to Plug-In, What to Avoid & How to Direct It
Power Plays & Games at Work: Defending Your Energy & Spirit
Building & Maintaining the Foundations for Powerful Relationships
Q&A with Mark Dunn: The Keys to Unlocking a Deeper Spiritual Experience
Power: Improving & Managing Your Energy Supply
Audio available-$119
April 12 – Practice session – Audio-$39
Defending Your Spiritual & Energetic Work
Restructuring the Power Dynamics in Toxic Relationships
Opening the Higher Functions & a Deeper Spiritual Experience
Bend, OR  $550
Fixing Common Energetic Wounds That Prevent You From Being Powerful
Untangling Yourself
from Past
How to Effectively Deal with the Energy Coming From the World & Other People
Powering the Creative Process
Receive a $100 credit towards your tuition
when you bring a friend, who is new to CS
(Sept. 2018)