Why CS

Conscious Systems was born out of a need. After working as a doctor for a few years, I realized like so many doctors before me that healing often had to happen at non-physical levels in addition to the physical.  Chronic disease and strange cases became most of my practice.  To heal, people need to have vitality and a deep sense of self to fight their diseases.  I had to go to the worlds of energy and spirit to understand a larger picture of health, wellness,  happiness, purpose, stability and vitality.

Over time I found that we needed a new language to describe these realms. This language had to describe and map out the world of spirit and energy in a way that empowered us individually and linked us to each other and the environments we live in.  People have many different needs.  Sometimes they just want some help untangling something in their energy or spirit.  Sometimes they needed to correct things themselves.  Often their disease was part of their spiritual path or life meaning.  Creating a language like CS empowers people by giving them access to their own energetic and spiritual bodies so that they can participate in the non-physical part of their wellbeing.

“CS empowers people by giving
them access to their own energetic
and spiritual bodies.”

Over time, I found this language had more applications than healing.  We need non-religious systems which help us interact with the one spiritual and energetic constant that we all share; the human body.  The complex mix of physical, energetic and spiritual was achieved over billions of years.  As life evolved, it evolved in a balance with all the forces which make it up.  Even the energetic and spiritual forces that allowed us to be human had to develop over time.

CS is a language which describes and supportively interacts with the body’s own systems.  When designing it, I tried not to interject any of my own belief systems in it.  Rather, I was trying to describe what bodies naturally do and assist them with that.  This leads to wellbeing, healthy communication and the opportunity to know yourself deeply. It allows people to reconnect what is broken and go deeper into life.

CS gives us a view into the body’s energetic and spiritual structures, how they act when healthy and a way to troubleshoot them when they need help. We can describe healthy communication and balance by examining the energetic and spiritual worlds and assist them when necessary.   CS is a language and technique which allows us to troubleshoot, tune, fix and balance the vast parts of us that aren’t physical.

Most of the time your spirit and energetic parts are directing you into healthy states.  However, these systems can be wounded.  Sometimes the energetic or spiritual body isn’t intact enough to heal itself. What you inherit from your family line, interactions with other people now and in the past and society can all stop you from being healthy.  The goal is to be the most intact version of yourself that you can be.

“CS is a language and technique which allows us to troubleshoot, tune, fix and balance the vast parts of us that aren’t physical.”

I have lived and breathed this world for long enough to understand the hope this approach can offer.   I have witnessed the body’s intelligence, the sources of interconnection, and how strong and delicate it all is.  What can be greater than learning to help your body bring out its best version of you.   Energy, spirit and consciousness are the keys to happiness, wellbeing and even survival. This approach explains why bodies sometimes aren’t able to heal themselves and how an individual can assist.  This prepares us for all the different parts of life: career, family, social life and even a spiritual path.  It is accessible to everyone regardless of spiritual affiliation, religion or belief system. The things I learned while developing and interacting with the intelligence of my body changed my life.  I hope it does the same for you.