About CS

Conscious Systems grew out of a need to redefine and address health and wellness at a deeper level.

People are composed of more than just their physical bodies and needs. They are made from spirit, energy, consciousness, thoughts and emotions. Our goal is helping people repair from their spiritual and energetic wounds, educating, and offering support when their energy or spirits are injured, broken or crushed.

We believe healthy, vital, powerful individuals need intact energetic and spiritual ‘anatomy’ to feel optimal, create consistent happiness, maintain relationships, connect to their higher power and align with purpose. Spiritually connected and vital individuals can reach their fullest individual potential. 

We give context and education around individual energetic and spiritual wounding and the social consequences. We intend to inspire strong, independent and relationship savvy individuals who can discern the truth, repair what is broken and safeguard what is precious.

We believe we have all the resources we need to move forward in the world together. Creating conscious communities are the key to our future and that requires healthy people who can perceive we are all interconnected. We believe energetic and spiritual repair allows people to be conscious and that being conscious is essential to changing our society to be in accord with our environment and each other.