About Dr. Mark Dunn

Dr. Mark Dunn

Dr. Dunn graduated from Bastyr Naturopathic School in 2000. He became interested in the energetic and spiritual non-physical side of medicine while still in medical school and has perused it ever since. During his time as a practicing family physician, he tried many different techniques and methods of treatment to help his patients. He has gone through an extensive search, path, and self-discovery process which allowed him to hone his ideas and create a unique contribution.

The idea for CS came about in 2006. Patients were asking what they could do to help and support their process of healing. Although he studied many modalities designed to do that, he found none that were powerful, ethical, and stable enough to support healing. There needed to be a context and an explanation for people during difficult times. People want to participate in ending their suffering.

CS had to be formulated and reformulated over the years. What emerged from this process is a way to understand our world from a completely different perspective, which gives us access to a deeper place in ourselves, explains social dynamics, and creates the place for health. 

In order to improve on what we were given and better steer our future, we need to first be able to be conscious of ourselves. Choice is only possible with information, and most of this information is not found in the physical world. Health is not just defined by what we can see; it is made by our hopes, dreams, and feelings. We must have this before we are able to evolve and choose our own path. This is at the root of health, and giving you that choice is at the core of Dr. Dunn’s mission.

Dr. Mark Dunn has a private practice located in Bend, Oregon – www.DrMarkDunn.com