Conscious Systems grew out of a need to redefine health and wellness at a deeper level. We provide modern tools that help people elevate their lives through an understanding of spiritual and energetic healing. Our unique approach allows individuals to live more perceptive and purposeful lives by connecting them to their own spirits and vitality – thus creating a world we all want to call home.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Follow Dr. Dunn’s blog to learn more about how the Conscious Systems approach applies to everyday occurrences we run across when interacting with ourselves, our friends and family, and the greater world around us.

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Protecting Your Spirit and Energy While Making a Living

Money is a massive and important topic.  Cash is wrapped up in self-worth, survival, protection and the ability to create the life you want in the physical world.  My focus today will be on protecting yourself energetically and spiritually while you make money. “Money can get you the physical items you want, but how do you protect your vitality and …